Going All-In on Prospective Students

You have precious few seconds to make an impression on your most important (and most impatient) users. Is your content doing everything it can to attract, engage, and connect with them, or are you diluting your message by trying to be all things to all people? These webinars and presentations help you focus on prospectives without compromising service to your other key users.

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DIY Usability Testing for Medical Board Websites

User research is invaluable in optimizing the performance of Medical Board websites, saving busy physicians’ time, and ensuring proper compliance. But the testing process itself can be overwhelming. These agile, iterative testing methods that can be added to Medical Board web processes with minimal expense, and little reliance on outside resources.

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Optimizing Your Medical Board Website

An introduction to user-focused web planning and development for medical certification boards. Includes Tony’s “Seven building blocks for creating a user-centered experience…” and Lamar’s key findings, “What we’ve learned about diplomate user habits, preferences, and expectations.”

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