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Who we are

The Antech Human Experience Consultants Network is a collaborative of executives, employees, and associates of Antech Systems, Inc. (ASI). ASI is the parent company of several service units that provide experience development services for website, applications, and products.

Antech’s Government Services Unit provides custom development of Computer Based Training and Maintenance Management applications, primarily to the military. We focus on the end-user’s engagement which has increased efficiency and decreased costly and dangerous accidents.

Digital Wave helps clients in higher education, not-for- profit, healthcare, and other markets optimize their web presences and take control of their management processes. Our user-centered solutions are based in discovery and strategic planning and extend through full-service design, development, and management solutions.

CustomViewbook™ is a web-tool that lets prospective college and university students generate a personalized web experience based on their academic and extracurricular interests. GenZ users are immediately engaged, while recruiters gather valuable insight and qualified leads behind the scenes.

Lectronimo is a purpose-built, low-cost, Content Management Solution for smaller colleges and universities that embeds general principles of user experience (UX) and design into an easy-to-use templated platform. Our UX consultants help customize each institution’s content to leverage Lectronimo’s out-of-the-box features, while customizing the look according to their individual needs and users.